40 bags in 40 days - days 3, 4, & 5: the kids bathroom, the hall closet, and the loft

Monday, February 27, 2012


The kids bathroom was a quick space to do. Since none of them are at the shaving, make-up, hair spray, one-thousand-and-one-personal-hygiene-products stage yet, it was pretty much tooth brushes and a few hair accessories. Even still, I left that room with a bag full of stuff.

The hall closet has been used for toy storage since we moved in, actually for over flow toy storage.  I have all these baby toys that as much as I would love to give away, I just can't yet. I like having a box of things for our "little" guests to play with. This also houses all the dress up clothes. 2 bags from here.

The loft!!!

I purposely put all the hard areas at the top of my list, so that I am still fresh and somewhat energetic about this project when I tackle them. Had I left them until the end of my 40 days, I think I would have cried. The rest of my list is going to seem pretty simple in comparison to the beginning. Having said that, there were some tears today. Firstly from Noelle, who, although she didn't say as such, pretty much thought I was the meanest mom in the world for asking her to part with any of her beloved treasures. Secondly from me, who pretty much felt like the meanest mom in the world once the tears started to flow. I have found these spaces the very hardest to do. Not only does it take physical energy, but there is so much emotion involved. I didn't feel right about doing this space without them. These are their things, and I told them they could keep what they wanted and give away the things of their choosing, it all just had to fit away in their baskets and drawers once they were finished. I did not feel this way when I went through their closet. I buy the clothes, I know what fits, what needs to go, and what items are particularly important to their owners, and I was thoughtful about their feelings. But when it comes to toys, and I remember feeling this way when I was a child, each stuffy is as special as the next, and when I ask them to part with one, you would think I was asking them to part with one of their children! Impossible! But we got through it and smiles returned near the end. I don't feel quite so mean as I did, and Noelle is talking to me as I type, so I assume we will be alright. 2 bags from here.

And I know, from past experience, as big of a chore as it is, they are always so happy to have a clean and organized space to play in. 

I need a shower and a nap! 

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