Dear Juliet,

Friday, February 10, 2012

I feel as if I know you. I feel as though I can relate. I too, think perhaps I am better at writing than living, that maybe I am better behind words than in real life. I have naturally curly brown hair, and know the curse of which you speak.

From the very beginning I wanted you to find someone. Someone you could love and who would love you back with an unending passion. Someone with whom you would grow old and grey and be more in love with at eighty than the day you were married. When you first met Mark Reynolds, my heart hoped for you that this would be the man. He was charming and handsome, and every good thing we imagine our husbands will be. I hoped this would be the prince charming of your story.

I fell in love, right along side you, with all your new friends from Guernsey, and as you got to know them through their letters I feel I did as well. I could imagine their faces, their houses, and their friendships.

You have made me want to write letters, real letters, with paper and pen.

I wish to leave this life, if only in my imagination, and join you in yours.

I long for my own Sophie and Sidney.

The night Mark proposed I wondered why you did not leap with joy and shout out, "Yes!" And then from that moment outside his apartment, when your feelings were uncertain, I wanted you to leave. I wanted you to get on that boat and sail away. And then I knew - from the very first instant you laid eyes on Dawsey, I knew that I could never be satisfied if you did not end up falling madly in love with him, leaving everything you know and spending the rest of your life as Mrs. Dawsey Adams on that isle, in that cottage by the sea.

I want you to love Kit. It is not hard for me to picture her, as she reminds me so very much of my own little brown curly haired, grey eyed girl - inquisistive and thoughtful, and in possession of an iron will. I want you to care for her, for always.

I did not want to know what I now know about Elisabeth. I wished her a safe return home. I wished her to be able to hold her baby and raise her up. I could not help but cry when I read the letter concerning her fate. These people, these events, this is their history. Maybe it wasn't Isola, or Eben, Remy, Eli or John, but whatever their names, these people affected by this war, really lived and died, and endured what we cannot imagine, and for this reason did my heart break. Not only for the fictitious character of Elizabeth, but for all the Elizabeths that really lived this kind of life.

I want to live with the talent and kindness of you, Juliet, the strength and courage of Elisabeth, the spunk and giant heart of Isola, and when I am an old lady, the grace and beauty of Amelia.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a world that was both so ugly and so beautiful. To a world were the human spirit underwent such suffering and yet found comfort and hope and a will to survive in family, friendship, and books.

Sincerely, Shelli McCullough

I am just over half way through and I can barely stand not knowing what comes next, but I am also so very nervous to find out.

This book will make you smile, break your heart and mend it back up again, as the characters become alive in your imagination.


  1. I got this book for Christmas but I haven't started it yet. I only skimmed this post in case of any spoilers but I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! I'll move it up in the queue and read it next.

  2. I'm almost 1/2 way through too and have enjoyed getting to know all the characters. Happy Reading!