by any other name

Friday, February 17, 2012

As a child I was never one of those super cute tomboys. I liked being a girl and I wanted to look like one. I even sported the fake fashion press-on nails. I have memories of watching my mom apply her make-up and just waiting for the day that I would get to wear it too. But, from my very earliest memories I recall vowing that I would NEVER carry a purse! Why? I do not know. Call it a bag and I'm fine, but a purse? Some part of my subconscious told me that in order to qualify you had to be at least 80 years old and wear really bright lipstick. I didn't seem to think I would ever be old enough to do either. Still, to this day, I prefer the term bag, of which I am in want of a new one.

I have a few requirements.  I want a solid color, a bag big enough for a small binder or note book, one that closes at the top and won't gape open when I put it down, and a few interior pockets would be appreciated. I also want a bag with a shorter strap and a longer strap, so that I can wear it on my shoulder or across the body. After looking around town, and not finding what I was looking for, I turned to Esty. There I found quite the opposite problem, there are more bags than I have time to look through. I did, however, find some I liked.

Of the many bags to choose from, I think I finally found one that meets all the specifications I am looking for.

But then I found this one, which is nothing like I set out to find, but oh so cute and every bit me.

hmmmm? What to do.

Oh, p.s. If you are 80 and/or wear lipstick and carry a purse, think nothing of what I said!


  1. I can only narrow it down to 3: first grey one, yellow one, and the last blue one.