M is for mad

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My kids don't break a lot of things. I have breakables all over the house. I have never really worried much about them. I do try to keep things that are super special up and out of arms reach. Things have been broken over the years of course, and usually I am pretty cool with it. But within the last 24 hours Tate has done some serious damage. Yesterday he ripped the gate off the wall. The gate that we installed only 12 hours earlier. This morning he climbed onto the piano and knocked my big letter M off the back and onto the floor. It broke... and I cried. I loved this M. I love what it symbolizes to me - that we are the McCullough's - a family! 
I need to remember that right now. 

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  1. Oh that is so sad. I'm sorry you cried, maybe Tate can make it up to you by gluing it back together?