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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is a great book. My friend Tracy Pringle introduced us to this book last year. 
It is a book about poetry, done in a truly original way. 
The book is written from an elementary school boys perspective. 
In the beginning he refuses to write poetry because only girls do that.
By the end of the book he has come to understand, enjoy and write poetry.
While we were at the library I saw it on c.d. so I borrowed it because we enjoyed the book so much. 
Super cute book! Really well written. (kinda sad in some parts) A great way to introduce poetry to children.
It has a sequel that Noelle objected to reading because the title is, Hate That Cat. 
(that's a swear word around here apparently!)

A fun little project to do is to write acrostic poems. In acrostic poems, the lines are arranged so that the first letters of the lines are combined to spell a word when the letters are read vertically.
We chose our names. 
For example: 


                                                                         Always on the go


(This is harder than is looks! Give it a try.)

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