The Purpose of 3

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have 3 blogs. Some may think this is strange, but I do have a purpose.
I started with this blog, my family blog. I keep it as a journal, to record the moments of our humble little life with 7.
My school blog came next. When I started homeschooling I wanted a place to record what we have been up too. When you are homeschooling it is very possible (especially with 5 little ones) to feel like you have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, having achieved nothing of significance that day. This blog is mainly for me to be able to look back and see something for every day that we did. I also wanted a place where people could go to get ideas, because I know how much I need to be inspired by others who are on this path with me. I failed miserably at posting every weekday last year, but I am renewed in my determination to do it this year!
And lastly, my Simply Home blog. I love to decorate and work on projects. I love building things and making a super efficient place for me and my family to live. I find excitement in the challenge of using very little money to create a beautiful home in which to raise our children.
Each one of these parts of my life are my passion. My family first, the education of us all next, and then our home - in that order. So to maintain balance, I have 3. People then have the option of reading about our family and/or what we are doing to learn (some are not at all interested in this aspect of life and even find it objectionable. I don't know why that is. I am not offended that your children are in public school) and if you share my passion for decorating you are able to read my home blog. This system works really well for me for now, even though it may require 3 clicks on your part instead of 1. You are able to follow what you want and leave the rest or come along for the entire experience. My goal is to post something on each blog every weekday. If I get 4 out of 5, I count that as pretty good. It does take time - I spend about an hour a day blogging, but this is the record of my life, something I will have to look back on in the many years to come, something my children will be able to read when they are grown and learn who mom was as a person (not just mom), and this is my outlet to be the writer that I dream of becoming and to fulfill my need to be creative. In this way I find passion and fill myself back up again. This is my journal.

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