School Room {in bits & pieces}

Monday, September 13, 2010

The school room is coming along, thanks to my darling husband. The list of things to do isn't necessarily long, just time consuming. I have been able to cross a couple of things off my list and even add and complete an additional project for the school room.
This room is a decent size, but once you start adding all the things you need, it fills up very quickly. I also don't have a lot of wall space. On one wall we have a sectional, on another wall there is an armoire for storing books and games, on the 3rd wall we have all the built-ins and on the last wall we have the table. This left me with 2 small sections of wall to use. In one of these 2 spots we have a chalk board that Darren made for me last year. The last piece of wall is behind the door. 
I am trying to use every inch it the fullest and Friday night as we were watching our movie I had an idea for storing our library books. Up until now I have been storing them in a basket in our living room, but I wanted to have them in the school room. My goal is to have everything we could possibly need in the school room so that we don't have to leave to get something, unless we want to. It is just less distracting and so much more convenient that way. The problem again is space, and I like to have the library books separate from our books - this saves hunting when it is time to go to the library - so I needed to come up with a solution. I drew a picture and Saturday morning Darren built this book shelf for me! It fits perfectly behind the door, and we now have easy, kid-friendly access to all the books we borrow from the library. 
Above that I made these clip racks to hold the weekly agendas for the kids. Everyone has their own clip (even me) and everyone knows what to expect. My friend Rachel saw something similar to these on the Pottery Barn website and later found these jumbo clips at Liquidation World (thanks for sharing!) I painted some strips of chunky molding we had left over, glued the clips on and nailed them to the wall. Super easy and cute!
We also finished the step into the room. It has been bare plywood for a couple of years now, because we ran out of carpet when we were installing it. We thought that maybe we would have some wood milled up to match the wood floors in our house. This never happened. So we covered it all in MDF and painted it out white. It looks fabulous! (and it was super cheap, we already had the supplies!)

This is where we all sit and do our work. I bought this table last year from Ikea and have never finished it, because I was never sure what I wanted to do with it. I am not one who is afraid of painting wood, just because it is wood, but I do love this table and what I would like to do is find a stain that will match the stain on the ladder back chair, (also from Ikea) so the hunt begins. 
Instead of having chairs all the way around the table, which would just take up more space and look to heavy, Darren built these benches for us. I FINALLY painted them (I had been waiting to decide what I was doing with the table). 
We hung these bars on the wall to hold scissors and rolls of paper (also from Ikea, no surprise). 
I bought some glass jars (on the table) from Walmart to store pencils, markers, glue and crayons. I wanted to use the glass jars with the glass lids, but I forced myself to get these instead as I knew that they would hold up to the use that they receive daily from the kids much better - it has been a year and they aren't broken yet!

 That is just a little bit of our school room - more to come later.
But we are leaving town tomorrow for 3 days! - so it will have to wait.

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  1. wow shelli! it looks amazing! I love the big clips on the wall and the library books solution. I'm looking for a place to keep my library books separate too. Love it. p.s. where are you going for 3 days???