Thoughts from the Lake

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do vacations really exist for moms? While vacationing with young children? I think in order to have a real vacation I would need to be alone - or at least without children. I have enjoyed the last 3 days, but I am more exhausted than before I came. There is something tiring about change. It is good for the stale spirit, but moving a big enough section of your household to be able to have what you need to care for young children takes precious physical energy. Tired babies who won't nap in a different place, or insist on staying up until 10 p.m., children running here and there saying, "I'm hungry", "Watch me mom!", or "Is it my turn yet?" Still meals to prepare, dishes to do, scrapes to kiss and bandage. But there is something gained in the midst of expulsion, here at the lake. A calming, re-centering sense of purpose. A spiritual rejuvenation - not the wonderful kind of instruction received from a weekly church worship, but the kind that centers your soul with nature. Somehow in the beautiful simplicity off the creators majesty, He can be found. God is of course in everything, but He somehow feels closer while your feet are in His sand, while His birds are singing in your ears, and while His landscape is your view. There is work, yes. Always there is work to do. But here there is also peace. Some how daily routines such as baths for the children, seem less necessary than while at home. If it gets done, it gets done - and if not life goes on and nothing terrible happens. Guilt finds a harder time creeping in for all the things that should be done, for they too can wait. Here life is life again instead of a calender filled with appointments. As I roll into bed at the end of the day, exhausted, I smile because my spirit is full. Wet towels, wet children, wet dogs, lemonade, sleeping bags, campfires, hamburgers, ice coolers, dirty vans piled high with stuff, boat houses, canoes and kayaks, fishing poles, evergreens, faded docks, adirondack chairs, hammocks, sunscreen - these are the ingredients that create childhood memories that last a life time. These are the things that when I am old and gray will bring a smile to my face. These are the days I will remember for always.

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