The good, the bad, and the ugly

Friday, March 25, 2011

This post will probably be of no interest to anyone but myself. It is not about some pretty accessory or some exciting project. But I could not be more satisfied. 
First of all - We got blinds!! For 4 years, since moving into this house, we have used a blanket tied onto the rod during the summer and nothing in the winter. Not pretty, but it worked. 
I still have to raise the rod (it is now in the way of the blinds) and buy or sew some new curtains (after raising the rod the old ones that came with the house are too short - figures!). But for now we have privacy and darkness!

Secondly - Our closet. Prepare yourselves, these pictures are shocking. I am not a hoarder and before you judge me, please remember that our closet is the only place we have to store things such as Christmas decorations ect. since we turned half of our garage into a school room and the other half into a surfboard making shop. We do not have a basement in which to store things either. So this is our basement/garage/attic/place-to-pile-stuff. As much as I don't like it, that is the way it is.
This needed to be done in the worst way. It was one of those jobs that makes things much worse before it gets any better. And having 5 kids around while you are attempting this kind of clean-out (who are sentimentally attached to everything) doesn't help. 
Yesterday was the day! The older kids went to play at the Bragg's house (thank you, Katie!!!), the baby went for a nap (she is 2, but she is still my baby - get over it. I will be calling her that until she is 75). Tate played really quietly all by himself (rare), and I got to work. Have you heard of 40 bags in 40 days?
I think I did them all in 1 day, but it is done!


I started by pulling everything out of the closet. 
I then ignored the impulse to panic about the amazingly humungous mess that I just created in my newly cleaned bedroom.

It is still not a pretty closet. It probably never will be, but as Noelle says, "You can now walk into your walk-in closet!"
I was able to get a monstrous job done in 1 afternoon, and give everything to my father-in-law who organizes garage sales 
in order to raise money and donate the proceeds (100%) to Sunflower Orphanage organization, and I feel 1000 pounds lighter.


  1. Shelli I couldn't be more proud! You tackled the beast and WON! ..... it really was a beast :) but now it is nicely packed neatly in every corner. well done!

  2. Job well done! It looks HUGE in there now.

  3. Holy smokes! You weren't kidding. What a great job!~