the makings of a great shopping trip

Monday, March 21, 2011

First of all you need good company - and I had the best. 2 beautiful daughters and 1 fabulous mom. 

2nd - flip flops (in my day they were called thongs. Does anyone else remember the day when thong did not mean an under garment that will NEVER be part of my wardrobe?). 
People think I am crazy, but for comfort it is only ever flip flips for me. I garden in them, I do Disneyland in them, and I shop in them.
3rd - bring snacks. Nuts and bananas, things you like that will keep your energy up. And water.
4th - Bring a list. I did go shopping with a list of things we needed, in order to help me remember and stay on track. 
I found pretty much everything I was looking for for my kids who keep growing out of their clothes!
5th - Bring your camera. And take a picture of everything you would buy if you had a money tree growing in your backyard (apparently we don't have one). 
But I do have a husband who can build!

(pictures taken at Home Sense)

 If I had a craft room this is what I would use to organize all my little items.

And these pillows - these pillows rode in my cart until the very last minute when I had to put them back (the money tree lacking issue, yet again).
 This is a good tip though - if in doubt, put it in your cart. It is much better to decide at the end of your shop which things you are buying and what is going to have to stay, 
instead of deciding later that you want something only to see someone else walk out of the store with it. 

 This I just though, although not at all my style, was weird and cool all at the same time.

So although I spent a bucket load of money in my imagination, I only left with a couple of things -
These pillows (which then lead to a mini bed makeover - I will post that tomorrow).

These items we found at a second hand shop.

 We Canadians don't have the same luxury as our American friends. Things are usually more expensive and not as easy to come buy up here, especially on the Island (although it is slowly changing). We have limited options when it comes to stores. You have to hunt, and when you find a good shop it is all the more exciting.

Thanks for a great trip girls!

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  1. You had to have been at HomeSense on Saturday? I swear I saw you..recognised the girls and you were taking photos!! Everything you took photos of I was looking at too funny!!
    I know what you mean about living on the island and not enough stores. I so miss the great deals back home in Ontario. We had the best antique barns that sold stuff to sell!!! I can't find anything here if I do it is a fortune!!
    Didn't you just love that french settee? Oh and did you see the knock off Swedish clock?