the way it is

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I wish that I could say that when I start a project I stay with it until the end. But I do not. I flit back and forth. I almost always start a whole new project before completing the last 1 (or 3 or 4). I am also not the kind of person who feels the need for things to be picture perfect before I share them with others. My life is not perfect and it never will be. I will (I hope) always have multiple projects on the go. I need to be changing and creating. Sometimes this will mean that I won't even finish a room before I want to change it again. Darren has become used to this and is fine with it - as long as he doesn't have to do the painting!  So although it is not quite complete, it is getting close (you can see the spots on the wall where the old lights used to be. I need to sand and paint them. And we need window coverings - then I think it will actually be done). But for now here is our bedroom and our bed that got a mini makeover with the things I found on our shopping trip on Saturday! This is how I work and this is how I'll share - 1 step at a time.


  1. Oh so pretty! Looks picture perfect to me.

  2. I have that same big mirror in my room. Maybe we are not so different.