Inspirational Folders

Friday, March 18, 2011

I have been gathering pictures from the internet for a couple of year now. I try really hard to be careful about asking permission when using others photo's. Sometimes I do not have a source for the pictures I have collected, and as I always say, if I have used a photo that belongs to you and you would like it to be removed or if you would like me to source the photo and link it back to you, I will be more than happy to do so. But please know that I am so grateful for all of those who do share their idea's and photography with everyone. I love to look at them every so often when I have a couple of minutes to myself. They give me ideas as to what I would like to do in our home. Even if I don't do exactly what is pictured, they inspire me to do something. It helps when you re-decorate a room as well. I have, in the past, jumped in too fast without doing a little bit of research first, only to not really like what I ended up with. A inspiration file helps organize thoughts and ideas. You can also make a collage from with your collection and get an idea as to how it will all look when it comes together. Go get inspired!
{Thank you to all sources unknown}

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