Weekly Goal - Week 1

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have realized that if I ever expect to grow and change, I will have to set some goals for myself. These will be small and simple things that I can apply to my daily life, that in the long run will make a positive difference in my life and in the lives of my family members.

This weeks goal: Say yes more.

I find myself responding all to often to the many questions asked by my children with a quick, "no", without really considering what they are asking. Because I am under pressure or I am feeling much too busy for one more thing. When I say no what I am really saying is, "I don't want to clean up after that", or, "Can't you see that I am in the middle of changing a diaper." I need to pause and contemplate their requests. I need to slow down and start enjoying this messy life with little ones. Most of the time, if I give myself a moment to think, my answer would be a "yes", or at least a, "yes, but a little later". No becomes a habit! So my goal this week is to say yes more! Yes to more painting, yes to more baking, yes to more of the little things that will make a big difference in the lives of my children.

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