Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have this pretty little vase that was given to me filled with flowers, after I had my 4th baby, by my dear friend Debra Moore. It just so happens to be the most beautiful shade of yellow - 1 of my favorite colors. I have been wanting to add some yellow to our bedroom, and I thought this would be perfect to sit on top of my dresser and hold my bracelets. 

This weekend I was able to paint a previously black tray that sat on top of Darren's dresser. I took my little vase and went on the hunt for a spray paint to match. After looking at Walmart and Home Depot, I went to Rona.They have the biggest and the best selection  - with about 8 different shades of yellow! It turned out really well, and it adds just the right amount of color.


  1. I love that shade of yellow! So soft and buttery! That little vase is so sweet too.