Exalted Mediocrity

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In celebration of Groundhog Day last month Darren and I watched the movie of the same name. I love that movie. It makes me laugh and laugh. Something I don't do nearly enough. I am, by nature, a very serious person. I am a task master, a list maker, a cross-offer, an analyzer. Life with young children is very much like this movie - re-living the same day over and over. I begin to wonder. What I am doing? Am I actually doing any good? Are the things I am trying to teach these children sinking in? How many times can I possibly wash the same dish or load of laundry? What would I do if I only had 1 day to live?
I want to do something great with my life. I then begin to dream. What can I do? How can I make a difference? I begin to feel lost. Who am I? What is it I really want to do? I pause and look around. 

This is my life. Dirty diapers, runny noses, wooden toys, and children's books. Paper, pencils, markers, scissors, glues sticks, grass stains, mud pies, crumbs on the floor, shoes by the door, sticky fingers, and smiling dirty faces. Bedtime stories, goodnight kisses, early mornings, toast and jam, pancakes and eggs. And I begin to find myself in the Greatness that is all around me. I am in the sticky fingers that I helped create and that I tenderly wipe clean. I am in the teary eyes as I hold and offer comfort to the little one who's hurt. I am in the bedtime stories as my voice brings another world to life. It may seem mediocre in the daily grind - But this is my life. I am moving in the direction God wants me to go. I am caring for and raising His children. I am, one load of laundry at a time, working my way towards exaltation. Glamorous, no. 

So what would I do if I had only 1 day to live? I would wake up early, I would make pancakes and eggs, I would color and cut, I would wipe dirty fingers, I would dry wet eyes, I would read bedtime stories, I would tuck children into bed and give them a kiss. I would life my life. This life! The life God has granted me. 1 day at a time, for as long as He grants me breath, I will live it. 

I believe that some day I will be able to look back at the end of all things and see the magnitude of difference that I made with my list making, jam wiping, story telling, mediocre life. This is the masterpiece I am building - this is my Ground Hog Day.


  1. Me too!! But you write it so much more beautifully than I can. :)

  2. Me too!! But you write it so much more beautifully than I can. :)

  3. I'm an idiot - should I comment yet again? ;)