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Friday, March 30, 2012

We went to the library for Family Home Evening last Monday and since Darren was with us I was given extra time to peruse the bookshelves. This was such a treat. I always get so excited when I go here. I wonder what I will find. I must admit that unless I have been given a recommendation to look for in particular, I definitely judge a book by its cover. I am drawn to certain colors and graphics. Also, the title of a book has a great deal of importance for me when it comes to the choosing. I found a few that I couldn't wait to get home and start. Unfortunately the last 4 books I brought home I have put back down. Some because I just couldn't get into them and others because of the content, one of them after only the second page. If you have to say that word (it begins with the 6th letter of the alphabet) in the first few pages of a book you will lose me every time. (That word has no place in the english language. I cannot imagine an more unintelligent word) The next morning when I had that book by the front door ready to take back to the library, Noelle opened it up and began to read. I asked her to put it down and told her (in non-specifics) the reason why. She looked at me and said, "Well why did you choose a book called "When We Were Bad"?" She had me there. I had no response for her. In her sweet mind the title should have given me the red light before I had even checked the book out. I love that girl.

So the next trip we made I started a new search. I didn't have to look long. At the end of an isle, on top of the shelving cart I found these. 

So far so good. I am loving each one.
I would still love a really great fiction novel though....... if anyone has any suggestions?

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  1. Jordan said he loved the book The Hunger Games...He couldn't wait to finish it. He read it every night after work. Aaron my boss also thought it was a good book. I haven't read it yet, but I thought I would let you know about this one. :). XOXO