in the shell of a turtle

Monday, March 5, 2012

Within 24 hours I heard about this video 2 times, from 2 different friends. Thank you Michelle and Katie. This is a message I think everyone should hear, introvert, like me, or not. So far, at least 40% of my children are introverts and as a parent of introverts I feel conflicted inside. One part of me wants to push them into the limelight more often than they would like. I want them speak up and find their voice among their louder peers. I want them to get a chance, to speak their minds, to share their greatness with others. The other part of me is filled with respect as I see them not needing to be the center of attention, they are happy inside themselves, self-confident and quiet. This is a hard balance though. In a world where the loudest child gets the chance, they are lost in a sea of the raised arms of the extroverts. This leaves little room for the introverts to take action. And as a parent I want to "help" them along. I can forget that they don't need this. This is not what they seek. I, of course, do it out of love and the desire for them to receive the same opportunities as their opposite peers, but this is not who they are. How can I, of all people, lose sight of that? I have for a long time struggled with others thinking something is wrong with me, not just me, but all who fall under this category. I love how this video empowers the introvert. There is a great need for both kinds of people in our world, and I hope to be able to be true to myself, and praise and encourage and nurture each of my children, introverts and extroverts alike. May we embrace what we are and allow others the respect of living true to themselves and the powers within.

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