sleep sweet serenade

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday the kids and I started spring break a little early and spent the day rearranging the girls room. They helped me lift all the heavy furniture and move it around, several different times, into many different arrangements. We finally found one we all could agree on. It required that we edit what was in there so that what we really needed would fit. While we were at it I thought it might be a good time to get Nya out of the closet, and into her {little} big girl bed. She was so excited! She has been in the crib, which has been in the closet, for her whole life. I thought the little bed would fit right in where the crib had been - it was about 3 inches too long. Luckily for our aching backs it fit into the bedroom, in the agreed upon arrangement, with the other beds! It did remind me of the movie "Annie" with all the beds lined up in a row.

"Little girls 
Little girls
Everywhere I turn I can see them 
Little girls 
Little girls 
Night and day 
I eat, sleep and breathe them 
Some women are dripping with diamonds 
Some women are dripping with pearls 
Lucky me! Lucky me! 
Look at what I'm dripping with 
Little girls." 

But unlike Miss Hannigan, I truly love dripping with little girls.

I was apprehensive as to how Nya would do. She has always slept really, really well. But out of the crib - would she stay in bed, or climb out a thousand times? We said prays, tucked her in bed, she looked at books for a couple minutes and then.... asleep!

I had my suspicions that that was much too easy. When I went up to bed at 11:30, I checked on her and as I did she rolled over and right on out of bed. I picked her up and put her back in, but that was the beginning of a very long night, with Nya ending up in our bed, awake for most of the night.

First thing Saturday morning we got to work adding sides to her bed. I was sure that this would make all the difference, that she would feel more secure, and not fall out. Besides, isn't the first night in a new place or bed the worst with little ones?

I was very wrong. Like the night before, she went down like a dream, but ended up, yet again, in our bed. After another sleepless night we decided to reassemble the crib, and put her back! In the process, I broke the plastic clips that hold it together.

{Nya - exhausted and napping after 2 sleepless nights.}

 I did, however, finally get a start on the girls quilts.  

 And tomorrow Nya and I are going to paint her bed Coral Serenade.

Please wish us luck, cross your fingers, and say a little prayer that she will sleep her own bed! Or we might just be getting the screw driver and the duct tape out in the middle of the night tonight! (for the crib, of course)


  1. Hang in there Shelli. I am sure it will only take a little bit for her to get used to her new bed. I hope for you it is quick!