guardians of virtue

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As my children grow older and up, my eyes are opened to the world beyond our own 4 walls. I could always see what was there, but somehow, in my naive little mind, the 2 worlds would never collide. Our home would always be a place of safety and refuge. Now, as years pass on, I can see the day approaching when the reach of my influence will become one of many that would pull my children's allegiance away. In January, Elder Nelson said that we are raising our children in enemy territory. This cemented in my mind to once again, pull even tighter and focus with a renewed determination upon the family culture we have established within our home. The time may come when my children look upon me as if I am utterly out of it, but I know what is right, and I know what must be done. They will grow knowing that we differ from the terribly low, ever-changing standards, so loosely held onto by the world. Our goal - to maintain and strengthen those family bonds, everyday, so that our voices will be heard above all others. Ours must be, as the scriptures teach us, "not a voice of thunder, neither...a voice of great tumultuous noise.... [but] a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it [were] a whisper, and it [doth] pierce even to the very soul". Ours will not be the loudest, it will not always be the most appealing, but it must be the one that can be found through all the questions and uncertainty, through the "mists of darkness".

Even I can be tempted. Tempted away from what is most important. Tempted with many "good things" that I would love to do. I need to refocus often and recommit to the the task I have been given, the path I chose. There must be balance, and some things will have to be put away for another time, as I work on my masterpiece. I must not become distracted, for the sake of my children. They need my strength and my energy.  And like it or not, for some days they may not, they need an ever steady mother who is unwavering in her standards. One who will reject, again and again, no matter how often they come knocking, the things we know to be damaging. They need my heart, all of it. They need me to point the way.

"The home produces the nursery stock of new generations, and parents are the gardeners. Mothers have no more compelling responsibility, nor any laden with greater rewards, than the nurture given their children in an environment of security, peace, companionship, love, and motivation to grow and do well. Mothers provide inspiration and balance; they constitute a reservoir of faith and good works. They are an anchor of devotion and loyalty and accomplishment. As the keepers of the home, they give encouragement to their husbands and they teach and nurture their children. The God in whom so many of us believe has endowed His daughters with a unique and wonderful capacity to reach out to those in distress, to bring comfort and succor, to bind up wounds and heal aching hearts. Wives and mothers are the anchors of the family. They must guard the children because the forces of evil are everywhere." President Gordon B. Hinckley, Standing For Something

Often I fall short of the mark, and my children get a tattered version of the mom I wish to be, and when this happens, I read, and reread, empowering words such as these and my mind is called back to my great purpose, that of "keeper of the home" and a "guardian of virtue".

 {If I could own just one book, aside from the scriptures, this would be it} 

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  1. fThank you Shelli, I don't have that book in our home but I really need to have it. I feel the same way as I try to parent and protect my daughters. They are our masterpiece and I cannot be distracted from that. I have been lately but a wake up call has happened and I am making some changes.