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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I had my foot surgery on Thursday and from what they tell me it went really well. Everyone was so nice and took such good care of me. It all went so well in fact that I didn't even really feel like I had anything done at all. Before surgery the doctor told me that I had my choice of either being put to sleep or just having a local. Because of my experience with my wisdom teeth (horrible) I chose a local. The Anesthetist said that they routinely give you something for the nausea and that usually surgery for removal of wisdom teeth and surgery on another body part is quite different - you don't know it but you actually swallow quite a bit if blood when you have your wisdom teeth out. They said that they would try the local first but if it didn't take they would have to put me to sleep. In the operating room they started to freeze my foot, but I still had some sensation, so the doctor put in some more but I could still feel him. The last thing I remember was the doctor saying, "Can you feel this?" and I said, "yes", then the anesthetist said I am going to put you to sleep now...then I woke up, which felt like 2 minutes later, but was really an hour and a half later. I felt so good - too good - no pain, no nausea or vomiting. I just felt relaxed and sleepy. I was able to go almost right away. Darren took me out for soup on the way home and we filled my prescription for Tylenol 3, just in case I needed them. I had never taken them before and although I am not opposed to taking medication when needed, I am also very careful, especially if it can be addictive. That always scares me. I thought maybe I could get away with extra strength Tylenol and Advil, but I didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the night in pain with nothing to take. We arrived home around 7 p.m. and I went up stairs to bed. The kids came in to say goodnight and about that time I was just beginning to get some feeling back in my foot. By 8 p.m. I decided to take one pill in the hope that I would be able to sleep, as the pain was coming on fast. A few minutes later I took another one. By midnight I needed to take 2 more and by 2 in the morning I was in tears and I had Darren call the nurses line to ask if I was able to take Advil with the Tylenol 3's and if I could take more sooner than the 4 hour mark. By the 2 hour mark I was in such pain it was all I could do to hold off until the 3 hour mark. They told me I could for the next 2 doses, but by morning if it wasn't working I would have to call my doctor and get something stronger. So I took some Advil and some more Tylenol 3's and I cried and cried and held Darren's hand and felt like I was in labor, only in my foot, without any brake between contractions and I wasn't even going to get a beautiful a baby at the end of it all. That first night was the worst, and since then it has gotten a little better. The pain is at least manageable now with the medication. My life consists of 4 hour increments. I count down until the next block of time that I am allowed to take more medication. My foot hurts, my head feels unattached, I am unable to really concentrate on anything, I can barely keep my eyes open (I worried about the medication making me unable to sleep, I was so very wrong) I only get up to use the washroom and even then I crawl with my one foot up in the air as high as I can get it so that the blood doesn't rush down and cause terrible pain and pressure), but other than that I am doing well! I am very grateful to be on this end of it and that that first night is over. I have no idea when I will be able to walk, but for now I am being really well taken care of so I will just try to relax and enjoy it while I can. Oh, and if my skin is looking a little orange, it is the iodine - this concerned the children, I think, most of all.......I need to go to sleep now.......

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  1. What! Why did you need surgery on your foot?? I'm glad your doing better. Is there anything I can do?