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Friday, May 21, 2010

As I was reading the blog 320 Sycamore I came across this. Just thought I would share!

“As far as I’m concerned, one of the silliest bits of “wisdom” ever imparted to parents goes like this: ‘Children are like lumps of clay, and parents are the sculptors.’ This leads parent to believe that with the proper time and influence children can be shaped in to whatever parents would like them to be. So not true!

I’d rather think of children as seedlings. Even though tiny seedlings look very similar as they sprout, in the end they will become who they are…A sunflower can’t be changed to an apple no matter how hard you try! The secret to how well each little seedling grows to become its best self depends on the gardener giving it the appropriate light, water, fertilizer, and love.

(-Linda Eyre, p. 99 A Mother’s Book of Secrets)

This reminded me of a post I made some time ago. 'I'm not finished yet', has become my philosophy since that day.

(excerpt from post)

The other day I was out with all 5 kids by myself, at the library of all places! It is one thing to behave, it is quite another to behave and be quiet! The kids were well enough behaved, but still and always, little children filled with energy and excitement. I felt a little like there were those looking at me and judging. This is not the first time I have ever felt this way, but in this case a thought entered my mind that never has before, I'm not finished yet. Meaning, come back in 20 years and judge me and my children then, when I have finished the job, don't judge me in the middle of my life's work!

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I need to be reminded often, sometimes several times a day, that my children are not lumps of clay but little tender seedlings. My job is only ever to nurture and teach.

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