Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bergen has been researching possible pets for the past year and trying to decide which one he would like that would work best for our family. He finally decided on a hedgehog. Then it was Darren's turn to do the research. He found a hedgehog with a cage and everything on Used Victoria and since Bergen's birthday was coming up, we thought it would make a great gift. I contacted the girl selling the hedgehog and talked to her and her mom on the phone for quite a while. We discovered that we both have 5 children, that we home school and that we are Christian. She was such a great person. I found myself wanting to be friends with her, but she and her family are moving to Alberta this summer for her husbands work. We took the kids up to Nanaimo to the sellers home. Bergen had no idea why we were there. It was fun to see him start to realize what was happening as we went in and played with the hedgehog. He was so excited. We bought him and took him home with us. Bergen named him Furlough from The Tale of Despereaux - He is the cutest thing! We love having him around. He is very quiet. He sleeps all day (unless you take him out out play). He is very low energy and needs little, but he is still fun enough to interact with and the kids even pick him up, which can be intimidating with all those spikes! Perfect pet for us.

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