Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspired by my mom who has lost 38 pounds in the last 6 months (way to go mom!) and looks fantastic, I have recently changed my eating habits, drastically, for the better, and I feel better. One of the things I did was to completely cut out eating after dinner (which previous to the change was my most favorite time to eat, all the yummy things that I shouldn't). I am amazed at how easy it has become. I thought that it would be harder than it has been. I am surprised by how little I am tempted. Apples have become delicious again and I have found a new love - nuts! I love them, all of them. Cashews and almonds (without the chocolate coating) especially! I have to restrain myself. At this point I would choose them over chocolate, I never thought I would ever be saying those words! Since the change I have also fallen in love with cooking. If you know me well you will know that being in the kitchen was not my most favorite place to be. Also something I thought I'd never say, I LOVE COOKING! I love making healthy and tasty food for my family. I feel so....motherly (that is good in my eyes). I must publicly thank my dear friend Rachel as she has been such an inspiration in this arena. Thank you Rachel for your yummy recipes, your clever tips and your amazing friendship. (Can you believe it?)

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  1. Ya hoo! I knew you would catch the bug!

    love you, rach