Love Is In The Air

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today as I was taking Noelle to dance, I saw Darren's truck at the studio. He forgot to take his cell phone to work and had come to ask me if he was suppose to bring Noelle home. He walked her to the door then came back and said, "I was thinking about you today". Whenever he says that, I know that it means flowers! Not flowers from a store, but flowers from someone's garden that he has been working on (just for the record, he doesn't steal them - he saves them from what he is pruning or removing) Now I am the kind of girl that will go to the super market and happily buy herself some flowers simply because I love them and I love having fresh flowers in the house - But when they come from a garden, from my husband, who says that he was thinking about me as he worked, well that is the best. So as Darren walked back to his truck, I waited and wondered what kind of flowers it would be today and I was filled with gratitude - for a husband who loves me. I love what he does, he makes everything beautiful! He returned with his arms filled with lilacs. I love lilacs. My parents use to have a huge lilac tree at there old house, from which I benefited every spring as I snuck over there and "pruned" their lilac tree for them (I said Darren doesn't steal, I do....from my own parents anyways). But sadly since their move to a new house, I have been without the smell of lilacs in the spring. As I drove home with that sweet scent filling the van and a huge smile on my face, I felt happy and loved.

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