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Monday, May 31, 2010

(I would like credit to the person that took this picture - thank you whoever you are, it makes me laugh)
I recently read, "You might as well toot your own horn, cause no one else will do it for you." I thought that this was great advise and it got me to thinking, Why are we so afraid to do this, toot our own horns? Are we afraid of coming across as arrogant and offending people? I think that is what it is for me. We all know the person who never has anything to say unless it is about themselves and how great they are doing. And yet don't we admire the person who can confidently except a compliment, tell modestly of some accomplishment they achieved or just share how wonderful their children are or how amazing their husband is. Is there a difference then between the 2? I think so. The first is not really the kind of person I'd want to get stuck next to on a long airplane ride, the latter is the kind of person I want to be. Maybe it is because the second person, being genuinely confident is able to be sincerely just as pleased with others accomplishments as with their own and they want to hear about it and I believe we, as human beings, can feel this! These aren't usually the people we are envious of, they are the ones who inspire us, they are also the ones who are able to say, "today was not so good", and I think that too comes from an inner peace and confidence that the outward stuff does not define who they are and therefore does not affect their self-worth. I hope to be able to find this balance and hope that you will feel comfortable (at least begin with me) to toot your own horn, cause honey, no one else is gonna do it for ya! Happy honking!

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  1. You're cute !
    There's a comedy skit that talks about person #1 as a "Me Monster" - he describes the person exactly like you did! Haha.

    I agree with how you said we like the second kind of person because they are able to be sincerely proud of OTHERS accomplishments as well !

    You're wonderful!