The Last Straw

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was at Superstore today and I saw these really cute straws for 99 cents, and I thought, I don't have straws, I should get some for the kids {they are always asking if we have straws} and just to have on hand for get-togethers. Who doesn't love straws! They just make everything taste better. {Oh, and for the record I am a notorious straw bitter. So much so, that if Darren and I share a drink he will ALWAYS get 2 straws. Not for germs, oh, no - but because I bite!}
Anyways, I bought 6 packages {well o.k. I bought 12, but the other six packages were a different color, so it really doesn't count}. It wasn't until I got home and I was looking for a place to put them that I realized that each package contains 200 straws! I am sure that you can do the math - do you think I got enough?! 
Months ago, I bought these 3 metal nesting containers at Liquidation World. I use the biggest one for a trash can in the main bathroom, and the medium one is being used in the kids bathroom and I had the smallest one sitting on the bookshelf, looking pretty but not really doing anything. So I used it. It fit all 6 packages of straws perfectly! Now whenever the kids want a straw, they are ready and available.

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