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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am a high achiever. I expect a lot from myself. This can be a tremendous asset and a terrible burden. If I am focused on what is the most important, I am blessed with the strength and the drive to accomplish great things. If I let my perspective get tainted, I place impossible burdens upon myself. I find it hard, especially in the "Blog World" to not compare myself with others. I need to remember that everyone has trials, everyone has weaknesses, everyone has corners of their homes that are not picture perfect. But these are not usually the parts of ourselves and our lives that we choose to share with the world via the internet. This life is not a race. This life is not a competition. We are not here to have perfect lives, perfect children, perfect houses. We are here to become. Become something greater, bigger and better than we are right now.
 I say this to prepare you for a shock. Ready?
I am not a perfect house keeper. I don't have perfect children. My house gets really messy sometimes. I have parts of my home that I would not want anyone to see.

Having a perfectly tidy house all of the time and having a organized house are not the same thing. I have a organized house, but that does not in any way mean to imply that my house is clean and tidy all of the time. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The difference is that because everything has a place where it belongs, cleaning up is much faster and easier - for all of us. The children know where things go and therefore they are able to tidy up just as well as I can. 

So a room that looks like this...

can go to this -

And a pile of papers on my desk can go from this.... 

to this - in 5 minutes!

We are a real family with real messes. I am a real mom with real children. 
I have finger prints on my windows and mirrors. I have dishes piled in the sink and dead bugs on my window sills. I have toilets to scrub and laundry to do, toys on the floor and books on the sofa. I have piles of paper on my desk. 
If I know that someone is coming over I frantically run around the house and tidy.

What I need to remember is that:
We are not seeking perfection, we are striving for exaltation. 
If I spend my life trying to be perfect I will miss my life!
Super mom does not live here. Mrs. Perfectly Imperfect does.

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  1. Thank you soo much for this post!! It is so hard to remember this and not compare ourselves to others. You are such an inspiration :D