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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We have learned so much about chicken's the past couple of weeks. Some things from books but even more from real life. There have been injuries, deaths and sickness, but also so much fun! We started out with 6 chicks. 1 passed away the on the second day and the awesome Shae at Buckerfields, who has patiently answered all my questions, replaced her (Buckerfields always sell out as soon as they get chicks, but it just so happened that someone had changed their mind and brought her 6 back). Sadly we had another one pass away around day 3. By this time all the other chicks at Buckerfields were gone and we were left with 5 - which kind of felt just right for our family of 5 children. 
In the beginning (because it is very common to lose a couple of chicks) I suggested that the kids not pick which one they wanted or name them yet, which they completely disregarded and went ahead and did just the opposite. They picked out the names all by themselves and I must say, I think they did a really great job!
They are growing so very fast and have such different personalities already. But as they lost their chick fluff and the markings that made them recognizable to us, we were having a hard time telling them apart. So we went and bought some colored leg bands to be able to tell who was who. They actually remind Darren and me of the raptors from Jurassic Park!

Noelle's chicken - Poppy
Bergen's chicken - Muffin
Emma's chicken - Eggaline
Tate's chicken - Blueberry
Nya's chicken - Penelope

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