Sister's-in-law Extraordinaire

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Saturday our family was able to spend the day with some of my most favorite people.
My sister-in-law Julianne asked if I would come and help her organize her kitchen, which I was most excited to be able to do (I keep telling you - I REALLY do love it!) So we spent the afternoon emptying cupboards and finding new homes for things.
My sister-in-law Shannon and her family are leaving this weekend to move down to Seattle so we all had dinner together that evening (minus our other sister-in-law Tracey and her family - we missed you!)
The men took the kids to the park and then when they got back to Julianne's house they spent the evening riding a skateboard that Darren made down a hill. Brave little critters. It went FAST.
As we prepared to leave Julianne gave me a present for helping her (which she did not have to do). She gave me a bag of the best laundry detergent I have ever used, some concentrated dish soap and a scrubbing glove that you use to clean bathrooms, all from her Norwex business. I have secretly wanted this glove ever since she introduced it to me. I am so grateful, Julianne. Thank you!
On the way home we stopped by Shannon's house because she said that she had on bucket that she bought for a prop for her photography business that didn't quite work as she had wanted it to, so she offered it to me after hearing that I was on the hunt for one to gather eggs in. It is EXACTLY what I had pictured in my mind. I LOVE this bucket. Thank you, Shannon!
I do have the greatest sister's-in-law ever! Not because they give me things, but because of their hearts. They are such good people. I love them. I laugh with them. I have fun with them. I trust them. I admire them. Thank you sister's-in-law, you are extraordinary!

And Shannon, you will leave a hole, you will be missed. Good luck with the move!


  1. I love you too Shelli. Thanks again for helping me feel sane in my kitchen :)

  2. wait a second... I just got a glance at the measuring spoon in that laundry detergent's beautiful glass jar. I hope it's a Tablespoon unless you have HE machine. Then it must be a teaspoon. Shelli, I'm sorry but I must be bossy! :) Any questions you know my number