Portrait of a Family

Friday, August 13, 2010

My most very favorite kind of artwork to display in our home would have to be black and white photos of my family. I am not a big artwork kind of person, not because I don't appreciate it, but because I can tire of things easily. The one thing I will never tire of (and I can promise the same for you) is photos of your loved ones, especially your children. I would recommend black and white as they will stay classic forever and they go with EVERYTHING, no matter what your taste or style.
Invest in some really nice frames. When I say invest I don't mean that you have to spend a ton of money. Take you time collecting frames. Look at places like Winners and Home Sense. Ikea is also a great place to find nice big frames for relatively inexpensive. Costco will print large photos (12x12) for a couple of dollars each - that is really cheap! And the greatest thing about it is once you have all your frames you can change the pictures in them whenever you want to update or just to get a fresh look.
I know that Real Estate Agents say that you should remove personal items such as family photos when you trying to sell your house, but I don't agree if it is done well (not a thousand little frames surrounded by a hundred nicknacks) - I think they add a sense of home and it gives a certain feeling to what could otherwise be just a house.
Choose timeless frames and a few really great accessories to go with them. A few great pieces are better than a big bunch of mediocre ones. Use what you love and make your house a home that floods your heart with memories every time you walk in.

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