Home Stretch

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We have been working like crazy trying to get the hen house and run finished. We put the fence up, did some more painting, made a gate, cut down some trees, planted a garden in front of the run fence and cleaned up an area behind the hen house to put the food and bedding. We still have to add some trim to the house and the top of the fence, paint the gate, the posts and the trim, and finish the roof. Then I think we will finally be done.
We got some Ameraucana chickens a couple of weeks ago. Our other little chicks will all be brown and white and lay brown eggs, These hens will lay blue/green eggs, and they add such variety to our little flock - every one of these birds is a different color. The only tricky part is that you cannot tell what gender they are until maturity. So out of the 6 chickens we bought we are hoping to end up with 3 hens - any roosters will have to go.

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