An extraordinary trip to the library

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We went to the library today to see a performance by the Victoria Story Theatre Company. They were wonderful as usual! 
When we arrived we were given tickets to fill out for 2 door prizes that would be drawn and passed out at the end of the show. 
Emma won the first prize! They gave her a bag filled with a pencil, a sharpener, 2 little toys, a c.d. with poems and music by Dennis Lee {a childhood favorite of mine} and 5 different books, including a book about the ocean with pop out pieces to play with {anything to do with the ocean is always a hit} and one by Roald Dahl {we love him}. 
Bergen won the second prize - 4 tickets to see The Remarkable Emily Carr at the Chemainus Theatre! 
The children were very grateful and excited and have been looking through Emma's bag of treasures ever since we got home. 

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