Every Saturday...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

.....the whole family piles into the van and we go here! 
Darren and I have recently established a food budget - we now try and keep our weekly groceries and household items to under $150. The first week we hit it right on - the next 2 weeks we got it down to $126. Today we went up to $170. So it all averages out. I think that is pretty good for a family of seven, with one still in diapers, living on Vancouver Island. It has become a fun challenge as we are making our list and shopping for food. The children are learning to budget, make nutritious choices, to support our local community, and they love the old bathtubs filled with cold beverages and watermelons. 
Part of the way we are able to keep the bill low is that we can go to The Old Farm Market to get all of our produce. A lot of the food is local, which I love. And I just love the feel of being at the market. It is way more nostalgic than a grocery store. We usually spend $30 of our budget here and leave with a box FULL (they put your groceries in a box, so cute!) of great food. 
Since we have started we haven't gone without anything, we always have enough food for the meals we have planned for the week and we spend way less money than we were spending before. 
Simply being aware, planning better and paying attention to the price of things has cut over $400 dollars a month from our grocery bill.  
And it just so happens to be next door to one of my favorite places.
Deal of the week: Normally I pay 99 cents for 3 kiwi's. Today they had 7 for the same price! Since my family can go through 7 in one setting (if everyone has 1), that was a great deal!

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